"A woman is remembering an ordinary but profound afternoon in which she walked from the beach to her house. The colours and feel of her clothing take her back to that moment, perfectly capturing the landscape she was so inspired by.

She remembers it well

The afternoon where colour bloomed, and the rest of the world faded out of focus. Catching a glimpse of her reflection in the window, she’s taken back once more.

The sky was clear and the sea was wild; a collage of blue, dappled with white. The same tones she’s now wearing against her skin; rich, aquatic, deep enough to dive into. She stretches out, feeling the fabric’s weightlessness, remembering the way the wind tickled her hair and the birds swooped over the water. Bright shrubs had been growing between the rocks; pink, purple, orange, yellow. A pick and mix that popped. She’d known it was a good day.

She curls up and closes her eyes in the morning sun, letting the hem of her skirt slip off her chair and graze the floor. The material feels smooth and fluid, like the shallows she trailed through ankle-deep on her walk home. She remembers the pastel cottages along the beach, lined up specially for her. And the bursts of green in the dunes, swaying in the breeze, unapologetically alive.

She remembers stepping quietly back into the house; knowing that somehow, in some way, she’d brought a wilderness of colour with her. "



We are excited to share the new SS20 collection with you! With a modern, clean style and fresh bright palette, the SS20 collection incorporates dresses, shirts, trousers, jumpsuits and skirts into the newly extended SS20 collection, to perfectly complement the brands coveted cashmere design classics.

For over a decade, founded by a desire to create unique knitwear in vibrant optimistic colours, we have been creating wearable pieces that effortlessly add personality to women’s wardrobes. For the first time, the brand will be offering a ready-to-wear collection, in keeping with the brand aesthetic, with a splash of personality.


The Spring Summer 2020 collection was inspired by the classic novel, ‘The Colour of Memory’, which features a series of vignettes about day-to-day life in London, highlighting our philosophy that celebrates the beauty of individuality.  The collection offers a range of pieces to create the perfect summer wardrobe for all occasions – including tank tops with matching cardigans, jumpsuits, stripe tees, dresses, shell tops and pussy-bow blouses, featuring the signature design details and bold graphic geometric prints.


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January 14, 2020