This year, the Cocoa Cashmere AW19 collection was inspired by the legendary Frida Kahlo exhibition at London’s V&A Museum. Kahlo’s incredibly bright and colourful wardrobe formed an inspiring starting point for the collection, with our designers paying particular attention to Kahlo’s personal style, echoing the distinctive Mexican silhouettes and graphic, geometric prints that defined Kahlo’s unique look.



As a result, the collection was developed with bold and unusual colour combinations taking centre stage. Colour has always been an important part of the Cocoa Cashmere handwriting, and offering new and unique shades forms an essential part of our DNA. Our Hera jumper, for example, is one of the adventurous combinations we’ve used so far. The mix of textures paired with a vibrant palette really brings the design to life, in an unusual and adventurous way.


August 19, 2019